Know what Negligence means for your Court Case

Negligence is the legal term that indicates a person was careless and/or not paying attention to what they were doing and caused injury to another person. In order for someone to be found negligent, they must owe a duty to the other person, breached that duty and their actions must have caused some harm or […]

Contributory Negligence

Contributory Negligence is a defense under Maryland law that can result in you not being able to receive compensation for your injuries. The defense is raised when the negligent person believes that you also, in some way, caused or contributed to the accident. If a jury finds that you contributed in even a small or […]

Liability in Your Civil Case

Liability is the legal term that indicates someone else is responsible for causing your injuries. If you drive your car into a tree because you are not paying attention, you are responsible for your own injuries and you would not be able to get some else to compensate you for those injuries. If someone else […]

Causation in your Case

Causation is a very important factor in valuing your case because it focuses on what injuries or damages will be considered in calculating the amount you may be able to recover. Very simply, you can collect for injuries that were caused by the accident, but you will not be able to collect for anything that […]