Wills & Estate Planning Attorneys in Frederick, MD

Estate planning is vital for people of all ages to ensure that their final wishes are followed and probate is simplified. The Frederick, MD estate planning attorneys at Rolle & DeLorenzo have extensive experience creating estate plans that facilitate the handling of taxes, wills, business succession, insurance, property, and trusts.

Critical documents that should be prepared by an estate planning attorney include:

  • Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Property – Powers of attorney are the easiest and least expensive means of disability planning. Everyone should have them. If a person becomes physically or mentally incapacitated without a power of attorney for healthcare or property, the court will appoint a guardian, not necessarily a trusted family member or friend, to handle all health care and financial decisions.
  • Revocable Living Trusts – Revocable living trusts are an estate planning tool that helps manage assets before death. These trusts can help avoid probate and improve Medicaid eligibility. Trusts also can permit a designated family member, not the court, to determine if a person is incapacitated and to act as trustee if the client cannot manage the trust.
  • Wills – Every adult should have a will to ensure property is transferred according to his or her wishes after death. Without a will, the Probate Court directs to whom the assets will be distributed. Wills are particularly important for parents of minor children so that they can appoint guardians who will care for the children if both parents pass away before the children eighteen years old.

When the time comes, The wills & estate planning attorneys at Rolle & DeLorenzo will advise and assist personal representatives, administrators, trustees, attorneys-in-fact, and other fiduciaries in handling an estate. Our estate planning services include advice regarding proper distribution of assets, administration of trusts, liquidating liabilities, paying taxes, attending probate court proceedings, and carrying out decedents’ other wishes, including defending and/or initiating will contests.

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