Speeding Tickets

Do you really need a lawyer for a speeding ticket in Frederick, MD?

There are good reasons to have experienced and professional representation – even for speeding tickets. Choosing to pay the fine may eliminate some of the hassle of a traffic court appearance, but it will also forfeit your right to challenge the citation or to have the judge reduce your speed, or event grant you probation before judgment. Especially if you already have points on your record, it may be advisable to choose a hearing – with your speeding ticket lawyer.

In Maryland, the maximum fine is $500, but you may face license suspension, license revocation, and radical increases in the cost of insurance. The speeding ticket attorneys and staff at Rolle & DeLorenzo can advise you and represent you at traffic court and MVA hearings. We are experienced in successfully challenging speeding citations and reducing the severity of the sentences. We can review your citation and circumstances to determine the best strategy for protecting your driving rights and privileges. Our firm handles citations for every type of traffic violation, including but not limited to:

  • Were proper procedures followed?
  • Was all information accurate?
  • Was the citation properly filled out and presented?
  • Was the speeding detector (radar/laser) accurate and operating properly?
  • Were “pace” procedures accurate and performed correctly?

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